Bachelor Machine receives no money or swag in exchange for good or bad endorsements that mention brand names or interested parties.  In the course of writing about making a gin and tonic, it goes without saying (but here we are saying it anyway), there will come a moment when a writer will probably have to pass judgement: “I prefer this tonic water.  Don’t use that tonic water,” etc.  There is no directive to writers on this point.  They can write what they like.  If we refer to a thing, a book or a film or a bar or a necktie or an oyster, either positively or negatively, we will probably link to that thing if it is linkable.  If Bachelor Machine ever accepts money or in-kind payment in expectation of wielding our influence, that fact will be explicitly stated in the offending article.

Bachelor Machine’s priority is to write about life.  That is to say, things you do when you’re not staring at a device, thinking about what you’re going to do later on when you’re alive. Bachelor Machine is not about SEO or getting traffic numbers up, and is at best ambivalent about “social media” and computers in general.  Go for a walk.  There’s an endorsement.  Say hello to someone who doesn’t know you.  Get into a fight at a bar.  Do something, write about it, and send it to Bachelor Machine.  If you’re reading this, Bachelor Machine loves you.  You may love us back, if you like.

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Marcel Duchamp photographed by Eric Sutherland at Walker Art Center, October 1965